The 11th METU International Convention

Social Events

While learning and sharing, we will have time for fun as well.

There is the Historical Ankara Tour on the first day of the convention, Thursday, 31 May, 11:30 - 13:30. A bus will take the delegates to Ankara Castle. There will be some time to walk around the small streets and enjoy the view from the hill top. Later, we will visit the Anatolian Civilizations Museum (Entrance Fee: 15 TL) and enjoy watching the invaluable collection from the Assyrians, Hittites, Frigians, and more. We will get back to METU just in time for the plenary session at 13:30. 

On 01 June,there is the campus tour. We will take a bus/minibus for a drive around the campus noting major spots, including the Science and Technology Museum where we will visit two exhibitions: History of Science and Technology and History of Transportation. After the tour around the campus, the bus/minibus will take us back to the market area where you can have lunch and walk back to the convention venue. 

Gala Dinner: Gala Dinner is on 01 June at İncek TKY Club. A bus will take the participants to the restaurant from the Convention Venue. There will plenty of Turkish food, drinks and music. Enjoy!

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