2012 Convention Program

31 May 2012, Thursday
Opening Remarks
Academic Writing:  The Vocabulary Connection
Plenary Speech - Eli Hinkel

Coffe Break
Concurrent Sessions

The Effects of Pronunciation Training on Listening Comprehension
S. Ak

Greek and Latin Affixes and The Generation Effect
J. Oliphant

3 Ws of Integrating Literature and Media into ELT Curriculum
M. Güçeri & Z. İskenderoğlu Önel

EFL Learners’ Attitudes towards Learning World Cultures
S. Guven

Audio Feedback on Writing Tasks: students maximizing teacher response 
P. Wachob

Individual Learner Differences in EFL curriculum 
Ş.Yalcin & Nina Spada

Students Stepping into the Teacher’s Shoes in Writing Lessons
S. Gür

Students’ Experiences in Speaking English during Activities in Second Life
T. Bulu & T.Kamalı


*Historical Ankara Tour  11:30-13:30
Concurrent Sessions

Iranian and Turkish EFL Teachers’ Perceptions on Teacher Autonomy
E. Khezerlou

Better Pronunciation: Techniques for Prestige and Confidence
M. Choguill

PB Works as a Course Management System: Challenges for Language Classrooms
F. Kılıçkaya

Bakery Products as Metaphors: Peace Building Through Language Teaching
D. Agiş

Exploring L2 writing teachers’ self-perceptions
N. Yiğitoğlu

Enjoyable Listening with Creative Techniques
F. Güngör

The Importance of Teaching Materials in Academic Writing Classes
S. Algı

Critical Theory in the Classroom
D. Taşer

Lunch Break
Digital Literacies: A New Challenge
Plenary Speech - Nicky Hockly

Concurrent Sessions

Embracing the Vocabulary Challenge in Comprehending Authentic Video
C. Browne

Why Isn't Group Work Inspiring Your Students?
A. J. Simpson

Lowering the Affective Filter with Text-To-Speech Animations in Class Dialogues
T. Karanfil & E. Güzel & S. Neufeld

Combining the Social and Linguistic Aspects of Language Learning
D. Ortactepe

Stuck in a Rut or Think Outside the Box?
E. Petek

Designing a Class Wiki
E. Yetgin

Motivating EFL Writing Sudents with Blogs
D. Staub & Z. Gönenç Afyon & Y. Nalkesen

Enhancing Students’ Creativity via Authentic Materials and ‘Fun-provoking’ Activities
B. Kağıtçı

Coffe Break
Concurrent Sessions

Transforming Story Writing with Digital Storytelling
A. Tekiner Tolu

The Effects of Brain Based Learning on Writing Performance
S. Üster

Corrective Feedback in Second Language Learning and Teaching
Nina Spada

Prepositions of Place in Beginner English
Ç. Hatipoglu

Critical Friendship Circles: Embracing the Challenge of Peer Feedback
P. Wachob

Grammar Instruction in ELT: What do Non-native English Teachers Believe
O. Önalan

Speech to Writing Transformation
W. M. Hight

Putting the ‘Flash’ into Flashcards
E. Güzel & T. Karanfil & S. Neufeld

Morphing Methodology to Personal Pedagogy
Plenary Speech-Ted Rodgers

01 June 2012, Friday
Teachers’ Beliefs about Learner Autonomy
Plenary Speech-Simon Borg

Concurrent Sessions

Promoting Intercultural Communication Competence Through Native English Teachers
 A. Küllü

Pearson Capabilities as a Global  Education Solutions Provider
 İ. Tor

Give Mini-breaks to Boost Student Participation!
F. P.Torun

Effect of Metalinguistic Written Corrective Feedback on Linguistic Errors Acquisition
M. Solhi

The Comparison of ELT Freshmen's Receptive and Productive Skills
M. N. Demirbaş

Assessment of Young English Language Learners in Turkish Primary Education
Y.  Kırkgöz

Learning Technologies
C. Browne

Audio Files in an EFL Academic Context
Y. Salah El-Din

Concurrent Sessions

A Literacy Challenge: How to Teach Reading
B. Hasanbaşoğlu

Motivation to Read: Its Nature and Classroom Conditions

Using Facebook as a Classroom Resource
M. Volem

Nominalization: A Key to Academic Literacy
P. Crompton

“Ideas Worth Spreading”: TED Talks in the EAP Classroom
E. Servinis

Error Correction of Student Writing
A. Mishriki & A. Demian

Edmodo –Technology, Autonomy, Exposure, Engagement!
T. Eşlik & N. Adalar

Revealing Expectations: Roles and Responsibilities of Mentors during Practice Teaching
A. Rakıcıoğlu Söylemez &, B. Eröz Tuğa

*METU Tour  12:00-13:00

Lunch Break
English as a Lingua Franca: The Challenge of Adopting a Post-Normative Perspective
Plenary Speech-Martin Dewey

Concurrent Sessions

Embracing Challenges in Teachers' Professional Development; Dealing with Teachers' Burnout
A. Salama

Attitudes of Students Towards European Language Portfolio in Reading Skills
A. Göksu & A. Dinçer

Building Vocabulary for Academic Writing
Eli Hinkel

Personalities and Pedagogy
Ted Rodgers

Strategy Use of EFL  Learners in a Presentation Skills Course
M. T. Eroğlu

Teachers’ applying curriculum innovation in Turkish primary education

Digital Literacies in the classroom
Nicky Hockly

Techferences: Technology in Conferences
D. Bozdoğan & P. Yeni Palabıyık

Writing Assessment and the CEF
Plenary Speech-Claudia Harsch

PANEL DISCUSSION - Challenges in Teacher Training
Tony Gurr (Chair), Yeşim Güven, Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken, Hande Işıl Mengü, Beril Ayman Yücel

02 June 2012, Saturday
Towards a Single Sea  of Energy…Fostering Teacher Motivation in the Workplace
Plenary Speech-Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken

Concurrent Sessions

Listening Comprehension Challanges as Reported by IGCSE Egyptian Students
G. İbrahim Othman

Embracing Challenges in Class with Teacher's Practical Knowledge
A. Göktürk Sağlam

Integrated Speaking Tasks and Holistic Scoring
T. İmre

The Gap between Policy Rhetoric and Iranian Teachers’ Assessment Practices
F. Mazlum

Unveiling the Foreign Language Learners’ Perceptions of Effective Teaching
V. İnceçay

Raising Genre Awareness in EFL Classes
S. Bakr

An Authentic Approach to Creating a Unique Language Learning Environment
M. Er & S. Ülgü

English Language Teachers' Self-efficacy & Self-awareness and Students’ Achievement
M.Shobeiry & S.M.Alavi

Concurrent Sessions

Investigating students’ perceptions on the use of Moodle
Ö. Zengin

Features of T-Talk: The Aspect of Learner Involvement 
Ş. S. Çimen

Value-added: EFL Teachers Conducting Classroom-based Action Research
C. Carey

Computerized and Face-to-Face Speaking Assessment: Performance, Perceptions, Anxiety, Computer Attitudes
E. Öztekin

Classroom Activities Compatible with The Principles of Brain Based Learning
A. Ersen Yanık

Strategies for Progressive Improvement of Reading Skills
 L. Kamal & M. El Saady

Community of Practice-a Web2.0 Paradigm for Collaborative Professional Development
G. Arslan & E. Güzel & S. Neufeld

Don’t Just Fill the Gaps, Try Leaving Some Space…
D. Dodgson

Concurrent Sessions

Digital Narratives for Language Acquisition
S. Murrmann

Empowering Learner Autonomy: A Case for Collaborative Learning
Z. Güven & T. Valais

Speaking Portfolios: Alternative or Traditional?
S. Özdemir-Çağatay

"Let's Learn Together" Academic Support Program
G. Aydın

Narrative inquiry into experiences of a teacher and MA student
V. McDonagh

Metadiscourse Use of Two Prolific Researchers in ESP:
John Swales and Ken Hyland N. Önder

iCorpus for Self-directed Language Development
A. Özbilgin Gezgin & S. Neufeld

The Relationship Between Age and Corrective Feedback
N. Zarei

Concurrent Sessions

Minority Within Minority: Challenges-Implication for Francophone Immigrants Learning English
S. ElAtia & Dr.J.Motiejunaite

Free Online Corpora for Collocation Teaching
A. S. Öniz

Learner Autonomy in Language Teaching
Simon Borg

Rating – top-down or bottom-up?
Claudia Harsch

Rethinking the Approach to Teaching
Z. Utebayeva

Working with Interactional Data in English as a Lingua Franca (ELF)
Martin Dewey

Unveiling the Mystery: Investigating L2 Reading Motivation in an EFL Classroom
P. Şirin & A. L. Göktürk Sağlam

Bulding a Community for Language Classroom: EDMODO
F. Kılıçkaya

Providing Optional L2 Instruction: How Much and What Type Works Best? 
Plenary Speech- Nina Spada

Raffle & Farewell Cocktail Party

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