The Mentoring System: Vol. I - Nazife Duygu Bağcı

Previously, we mentioned our mentoring system at METU. It seems to have proved fruitful and rewarding for the mentees and mentors. Here is our first interview with one of the last year's mentees - our new colleague - Nazife Duygu Bağcı. This is how she feels about being a part of this system:

"Mentoring system in our first year was helpful in many ways since we had the opportunity to ask our questions related to teaching, DBE, METU (sometimes even about Ankara for the newcomers).

"I believe there were more advantages than disadvantages since this system provided us with practical information along with the theory. This system enlightened us while preparing our lessons.

"We observed some of our mentors’ classes as well and we could see different levels of students and different techniques.

"We had very fruitful discussions with our mentors about many different topics such as dealing with problematic students. We came up with a solution to a problem in our class and applied it and then wrote reports about the results of this process. If this solution worked in our class we continued applying it. If it didn’t, we looked for a new one. This way we always improved ourselves."

More to come about the mentoring system soon!

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