The Mentoring System: Vol. VII - Pınar Vardar

One of our mentors, Pınar Vardar, has also expressed her feelings and thoughts upon the experience she has had as a mentor. She has kindly responded to our questions regarding the benefits and the drawbacks of the system. Here is what she has said to us:

The mentoring system is beneficial for DBE since it is a way of helping the newcomers to understand the culture of the institution regarding administrative and academic issues while they try to adapt to the new environment. In this system, the mentees have the chance to get constant help and guidance from their mentors whenever they need, so they feel safe knowing that there is always someone near them for help. Moreover, the mentors can be of great help for the mentees in terms of their professional development through both sharing their experiences and encouraging them to try out new techniques in their classrooms. I think the system works well as the mentors work hard to help the mentees develop professionally and personally and also they are chosen on a voluntary basis. The mentoring system can be maintained for the coming years.

We'd like to thank Pınar Vardar for her comments.
More to come about the mentoring system soon, keep following us!

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