The Mentoring System: Vol. II - Nilay Bekçi

Our series on the mentoring system continues with another colleague's opinion about her experience regarding the benefits and the drawbacks of the system. Nilay Bekçi states that "[the mentoring system] provided the mentees with 24/7 guidance on everything the new instructors needed". She also adds that the system "helped the mentees see what they did wrong and find solutions". Being quite a crowded group, according to Bekçi, "[the mentees] learned quite a lot from each others' experiences".

Bekçi describes her experience as "emotionally and physically challenging, yet extremely improving and rewarding," and she states that "it was at times enjoyable thanks to Jade Trust, the teacher trainer". 

Bekçi also notes that she has never been trained as a teacher before, and explains what she went through as follows: "When I started working here I had little teaching experience. I knew nothing about how things worked at METU. The mentoring system helped me adjust to my new workplace very quickly and smoothly. I also feel a lot more confident now as a teacher thanks to that intense training period which came along with a load of experience and friends I can turn to for advice. In short, the mentoring system has taught us how to deal with problems and how to get better at what we do".

More to come about the mentoring system soon...

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