The Mentoring System: Vol. X - Zeynep Nur Toker

Our enthusiastic colleague Zeynep Nur Toker was also one of the previous year's mentees. She plans to present at the 11th METU International ELT Convention, and she also works as a volunteer at our Book Fund, which helps supply books for DBE students when necessary. She commented on her experience regarding the mentoring system as follows:

It was my first professional year as an instructor; therefore, mentoring system was fruitful for me in and out of the classroom. First of all, I could prepare and send my lesson plans to her before executing them in my lessons. My mentor’s and my trainer’s feedback provided me with new perspectives over my preparations. Secondly, I did not know how to cope with students’ problems and come up with some solutions for them. However, my mentor helped me find many ways through the journals we prepared weekly during the second term. At the end of each week, we met with my mentor again and checked the outcomes of our solutions of the previous week. Her experience with the students provided us with many examples and solutions. Thirdly, I was not familiar to METU and DBE culture. She helped me about the rules and regulations around DBE and I gained self-confidence in my workplace. To sum up, mentoring system helped me become a real member of this institution. Although it was a challenging experience with all the sessions and observations, mentoring program was an important step for my career as an instructor. I could apply the methods and techniques that I learnt and practiced during my probation and this year I can apply the successful ones in my lessons. 

More to come about the mentoring system soon... Keep following us!

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