The Results of the Poll: Are Mobile Applications Effective Tools in Learning?

Our poll, which was available for two weeks or so, ended with 20 voters, 11 of whom stated that they found mobile applications useful in learning. According to the results published, there are 2 people with 'no' as an answer and 7 people said that they were not sure whether mobile applications proved beneficial in learning effectively. With regard to the results, although not used in METU classes, mobile applications seem to cause an ambiguity among teachers and/or learners of English as a second language. Still, some 55% of the voters believe that mobile applications are a fruitful way to support learning efficiently, which means that the traditional value regarding the irreplacable role of the teacher is changing slightly in the twenty-first century. With more and more developments in the field of technology, ELT world seems to be likely to change more in the future.

The new poll is on the way! Keep following us!

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