The Mentoring System: Vol. VIII - Sümeyye Güllü Göksu

Our followers might have noticed that the series on the mentoring system follows no certain order, but rather we try to publish comments from mentors and mentees equally. Today's guest is Sümeyye Güllü Göksu, who commented on her experience regarding the training year as follows:

"I would like to start from the end of the year, rather than the beginning of it. When everything was over, I felt as if someone had taken a burden off my shoulders. That burden was not the busy schedule, the many assignments we did or the observations we went through, as could be guessed. It was actually the burden of “being inexperienced”.

I had many real-life experiences here at METU where I could apply the techniques I have learnt as they are, or with little amendments. While I was doing my practice teaching at the senior year at university, I felt like a fish out of water. Real life was too real and what we learnt were stories from a fantasy land. METU was the first place where I learnt “real things” for real life.

In brief, I can say that all I know is, if I weren’t trained at METU, DBE; I would never be the teacher I am today, or I would have spent years for it. The trainees of METU come out as experienced teachers already for sure..."

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