The Mentoring System: Vol. XI - Merve Çavuş

Merve Çavuş was another mentee from the previous year and she has described her experience regarding the mentoring system as "quite enjoyable, extremely rewarding and a little challenging." She says: "What we have learned and practiced during the training made me feel more confident about my teaching methods and strategies. I make use of the tips we have been taught in class and I find them very useful."

For Çavuş, three advantages of this system are as follows:

-it makes you feel confident
-it guides you through the whole process of teaching at METU
-it helps you be creative

As for the disadvantages, she states only two items, which are:

-it might make you co-dependent.
-it can be time-consuming from time to time.

In general, she finds the system fruitful and rewarding, and she believes that she has benefited from it a lot.
In thanking Çavuş for her comments, we'd like to ask you to keep following us. More to come soon...

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