The Mentoring System: Vol. VI - Anıl Albağlar

Yet another one of our mentees, Anıl Albağlar, has just sent his comments on the experience he has had regarding the mentoring system last year. We'd like to share his notes with our readers and for those who want to know more about the mentoring system:

I graduated from a really small university, so this mentoring programme was the best thing that could happen to me. I learnt how to prepare effective lessons and what to expect from my classes while doing that. I learnt all about METU and our student profile. We shared all the materials we had with each other throughout the year and had a great time together. We had meetings every week and tried to find solutions to our problems in and outside of the class. Besides, we had the classroom mentors who gave us a better idea of the different level classes we have at DBE. As for the so called disadvantages, the programme was extremely demanding. There were times I couldn't spare any time for myself. No pain no gain, though! Right now, I can say that the "kid" who arrived is not the same "guy". I've learnt a lot.
More to come soon! Keep following us!

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